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Mystery Of The Batwoman

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Mystery Of The Batwoman

Mystery Of The Batwoman

Date added: 2013-05-05

Tags:Batman  Batwoman  Catwoman  Penguin

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Game Information:

In the Mystery Of The Batwoman, Batman was on a trail of a mysterious cat burglar when she got caught by the criminal master mind Penguin an old Batman foe and his gang of henchmen. To reveal her true identity, he must save her first. He sneaks into the Penguin's hideout and fights with the guards who are armed with a laser guns. By using nothing but the strength of his fists, he needs to fight his way through with a bear hands. Did you know?
Batwoman, also known by a name Catwoman, is a Batman's enemy but also his love interest. She also drives Cat-illac, something similar to the batmobile, and has also many gadgets and tool that help her out in burglaries. Her specialties are high-stake caches and expensive jewelry.

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How to play:

Arrow keys to move, jump, dodge, run left and right
Ctrl to punch
Space-bar to use Batrope or gargoyles
Hold up arrow key and press CTRL for a jump kick

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