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The Incredible Hulk

The Hulk, or Incredible Hulk as he has been called, is an oversized powerful green superhero known for his impressive strength, who debuted for Marvel Comics in 1962, and was another of the legendary creations from the mind of Stan Lee.

The Hulk is very special when compared with the normal superhero. Most are average size, sometimes a little larger, sometimes with rippling muscles. The Hulk is not, he is a massive green figure, who has muscle on top of muscle, and grows into the size of two or more men while going on seemingly uncontrollable rampages! He isn’t always that big however, and didn’t start out that size.

The Hulk is actually the alter ego of Bruce Banner. Banner is considered one of the greatest scientific minds on Earth, “with a mind so brilliant it cannot be measured on any known intelligence test." He holds expertise in biology, chemistry, engineering, physiology, and nuclear physics. Using this knowledge, Banner creates advanced technology dubbed "Bannertech", which is on par with technological development from Tony Stark (Iron Man) or Doctor Doom. However Banner is socially awkward to say the least. As the story goes, Banner developed a gamma bomb, and when he was testing it a young man wandered onto the test site, and Banner ran out to save him, getting caught in the blast. This caused him to begin transforming into the Hulk whenever he is put under emotional stress. The two alter ego’s are complete polar opposites, with Banner being mild mannered to say the least and Hulk being a huge monster who is capable and quite often likely to destroy everything in his path. Banner is an ordinary man physically, while after his transformation into the Hulk, he has superhuman strength with seemingly no boundaries. The odd thing about the story, is how reserved Hulk is even though he is always depicted as being a crazy monster. The thing is he is usually provoked into his massive fits of anger by someone chasing him and angering him in some way, when he can often be found trying to get away from it all and find sanctuary and quiet.

The Hulk’s greatest enemies have been Abomination: A scaly fish like creature, otherwise known as Emil Blonskey, General Ross: A general in the army that is always trying to capture the Hulk, The Leader: If you’re familiar with the comics, he is the evil guy with the huge head, and finally BiBeast, a massive orange creature with two heads stacked up on one another. Hulk has had many wars with these creatures and men, although on television and in the movies he is seen mostly fighting his “fellow” man in armies.

The Hulk has been transformed from your basic comic book hero, into a television and movie star with the likes of bodybuilding champion Lou Ferrigno, and well known actor Eric Bana portraying the green monster respectively on the small and silver screens, transforming The Hulk into a literally “larger than life” character.

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