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Search And Destroy

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Search And Destroy

Search And Destroy

Date added: 2013-05-06

Tags:X-Men  Wolverine  Magneto 

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Game Information:

This is another Wolverine battle in which our razor-sharped claws hero leads leads X-Men against their all-time foe Magneto. Since he just won't accept that mutants and humans can leave together in peace, X-Men will have to make him. Use your superior skills to destroy Magneto's army of robots and break through to the exit doors. 7 Levels: Welcome party, About town, Ugly truth, Into the breach, Prison break, The catacombs and The bitter end. Hints: Collect key-cards because you will need them to unlock exit doors. Collect health pickups to restore wolverine's health and to heal the damage. If you pick up the full rage power-up it will increase the Wolverine's strikes power to the greatest extent. Medals: Peacemakers, if you make no casualties on certain level, Scavenger if you collect all dogtails, Boss - if you beat Magneto, Silver Medal - 100000 points scored, and so on...

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How to play:

Use arrow keys to move around.
Space bar is used to attack, open doors and watch the info panels.
Ctrl key is used to switch between the rage modes.
'z' 'x' 'c' 'v' 'b' keys unleash combo moves.

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