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Wolverine Slice Practice

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Wolverine Slice Practice

Wolverine Slice Practice

Date added: 2013-06-01

Tags:X-Men  Wolverine

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Game Information:

Wolverine is practicing his slashing capabilities on enemies and various objects. Your task is to control his claws to make sure he makes damage only to the enemies and avoid hurting friends, or he will loose his slash power and the game will be over for you. Good idea behind the game since Wolverine is certainly most famous beside his temper after his dangerous and retractable claws, which combined with speed and power can make some serious damage to his opponents. So, what Wolverine's claws are actually made of and how do they work? The answer is adamantium - the indestructible metal alloy and they are actually attached directly to his bones, i.e. skeleton. When Magneto ripped of once his claws it has been discovered that Logan has bones underneath the metal. He was probably born with them and the metal was added later on during X-men experiment. What you also need to get familiar with in this game are Wolverine's friends and enemies. Let's name just a few friends: AArkus, Acanti, Access, Adam Crown, Adam Destine, Agent Smith, Aghanne, Akinko, Albert etc. Some of his best friends are: Rogue, Jubilee, James MacDonald Hudson, wife Heather, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Jean, Scott, Elf, Puck, Kitty and Storm. You will find more of his friends on . Here are some worst enemies: Bloodscream, Hulk, Chimera, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, Cyber, Omega Red, Magneto, Mistique, Daken and Romulus . Try to figure out who do you need to slash and who must stay intact.

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How to play:

Use mouse to move claws around the screen. When you see the enemy, do a left click and hold. Than rapidly move the mouse to slash enemy and release the mouse once you're done.

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Wolverine Slice Practice
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